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the police pulled me over yesterday. 

i was black

the police officer walked to my car and asked me for my ID and registration,he claimed that i was speeding off of travis avenue(i live right on that block and im sure i wasnt speeding cause of speed traps) and he claimed that i was continuously looking at my phone.

i did this while being black keep in mind.

i said ok and he walks back to his car 

are you keeping in mind that i was black ? ok dont forget tho its kinda pivotal

the cop calls in backup for 2 cars and i hear the k-9 unit pull up cause the dog is barking its ass off as if steroids were injected in his paws during lunch time

but im black tho

so the cop comes back and ask me to step out the car but he dosent just do that he says “michael can you step out the car i want to see what 6’5 285 pounds looks like” ok that was kinda bruno but alright. i step out the car he ask me to step behind my car and he ask me who the car belongs to. the woman cop that accompanies him makes a couple of small talk to lighten the situation but little does she know that im black and i know what happens to people my color that walk the wrong way or say the wrong things in situations like this.

The officer shows me the statements that hes printed out from his vehicle. on statement being a warning showing that i exceeded a 30MPH speed limit and another one being a 83 dollar ticket for not having on a seatbelt but its fair cause i didnt have a seatbelt so no pity no shame on that one.

but of course me being black the cop says he saw me stuff something under my seat. A claim which me and him both know are completely fictitious. Im not mad that the cop is doing his job keeping the streets safe and handling his business, im furious that a lie was made in order to simply do a stop and frisk type procedure in which he genuinely thought he would find something illegal in my car.

him and his law breaking goons search my vehicle and they find nothing, the cop makes a snarky comment saying keep your hands on the car cause the bigger they are the harder they fall. he constantly gives me this look like he wants me to know he dosent like me that im such a menace, that i terrorize people and its all bullshit.’\

But remember im black

Im soft spoken intelligent well mannered and i mean no one no harm but everytime i get pulled over in montgomery county the year dials back to 1963 and i get harassed

Im Black 

— 1 week ago
Why you so worried

my best friend aboubacar and his cousin boobacar were all talking and drinking tonight, we spoke on everything. And boobacar halted conversation and i came to the realization that I’m worried about everything. boobacar said why. why are you worried. I think its cause my mom is who she is and my family and home are people and places of pressure. i went in for a check up the doctor said high blood pressure is looking current in my life why am i stressing ?

— 1 week ago

Young East African Girl

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